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Credit Officer

Head Office, Phnom Penh
Who We are

iCare Benefits Group is a Cambodian subsidiary of iCare Benefits Group that provides women factory workers a breakthrough buy-now-pay-later program at their workplace.

1. Responsibilities
  • Plan daily work activities.
  • Implement a good action plan.
  • Participate in promoting the organization's products and services and identify and select good customers.
  • Assist credit officers during loan evaluation and loan preparation.
  • Assist credit officers to issue loans, prepare capital release documents.
  • Assist credit officers to collect loans, prepare collection documents.
  • Assist credit officers to register collateral with relevant authorities.
  • Must adhere to the principles of the organization, work regularly and adhere to the time set by the organization.
  • Perform other duties as directed by the Supervisor in accordance with the standards of the Labor Code.
2. Requirements
  • Good attitude, honest, friendly
  • Highly committed to work, love work and responsible in work.
  • Good communication with professionals
  • Know how to use computer
  • Can read and write English.
  • At least 12th grade completed.
How to Apply